“Suzy has been such a great trainer for me!
“I first met Suzy after winning a secret auction. She had generously donated a taster session to help raise money for Macmillan. I was lucky enough to win it for my better half though for some reason she encouraged me to make use of it.
“I’m so glad I did!
“One taster session turned into many over a period of 18 months. Having worked in an office for the last 15 years I didn’t realise how weak certain parts of my body were especially my legs which I couldn’t even balance properly on.
“The difference now on all aspects of my fitness is so satisfying. As you might have guessed I’ve never been a fitness freak though reasonably healthy. Training with Suzy has always been enjoyable due to her professional friendly approach and her ability to tailor the training to my own needs.
“From day one it has been a pleasure even on those days I didn’t really fancy it.¬† With Suzy’s encouragement I left feeling great and all the better for it. I’m now a regular gym attendee and I’m able to do just enough of the right type of training to balance with the nice food and drink I enjoy.
“At the end of the day Suzy will recognise what is best for you and you will always feel better both mentally and physically¬† after any of her sessions. Thanks so much Suzy, I’m sure I’ll be back just for the fun of it.