After our workout sessions I feel much stronger both physically and spiritually. Thank you for a careful individual approach, you’re a real pro, you can repost this hun, honestly you’re an amazing PT and such a genuinely and caring person xxx.


Having a personal trainer ensures I do exercise regularly which I know wouldn’t be the case with going to a gym. I wouldn’t have had the personal commitment or contact and would have soon given up. Suzy ensures I do the exercises correctly rather than just doing them. She is very good at pacing activities which has given me the confidence, success and motivation to do exercises which I wouldn’t have attempted on my own. Zoom has meant that I have continued in much the same way as before.


Just did my first ever online workout with the incredible Suzy Newson. I feel so energised (and sweaty). Thank you my darling…see you on Monday night and I can’t wait! Xxx


For me, Suzy’s daily zoom HIIT classes started off during the first lockdown…each day I looked forward to the fun workout. I soon realised how much healthier I felt both physically and mentally, I’ve truly loved it! More recently as my work/life balance has changed I have continued HIIT classes regularly but couldn’t commit to daily, and I can’t thank Suzy enough for her flexibility where it is possible.


Thank you Suzy Newson for your HIIT sessions these last few weeks. I really wasn’t going to do it last night but told myself off for that and got on with it! Felt great afterwards too. I’m combining your workouts with other activities, walking, nutrition and workouts too and can really feel the difference this week. Looking forward to keeping this going.


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