An initial consultation is vital and is designed to ensure that I have the correct information to build a safe and effective training programme for you.

Consultations are FREE OF CHARGE.  This includes a short fitness test, body measurements, blood pressure and body fat percentage, we will also discuss your goals and desired results.

Following the consultation all information provided is handled with 100% confidentiality. A Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) and Lifestyle questionnaire will be sent via email before the consultation.

Price List:

All sessions include a FREE consultation

Personal Training Sessions

Session Prices

1-2-1 - In person or virtual

  • Bronze - 8x 1 hourly sessions - £320
  • Silver - 10 x hourly session - £400
  • Gold - 12 x hourly sessions - £480

Friends and family session prices

Couples/Friends x 2 - in person or virtual

Want personalised training with a friend? Book my friends and family 1-2-2 sessions. Train with a family member or friend only £600 for 10 sessions saving you £10 each compared to 1-2-1!


  • Bronze - 8x 1 hourly sessions - £480
  • Silver - 10 x hourly session - £600
  • Gold - 12 x hourly sessions - £720

Limited to 2 persons

Train with Suzy programmes WITH nutritional packages:

Nutrition Weight Loss Package with Sophie Leicester of Nutrition in Sheffield:

  • A unique package to compliment your Train with Suzy programme
  • Practical dietary advice based on your individual requirements/goals
  • Tailored nutritional information pack including underlying principles, menu plans, fact sheets and recipes as appropriate
  • Experienced professionals guiding you on how to live your best life!
  • Packages tailored for Train with Suzy's clients at £175.00

For all sessions and programmes Terms and Conditions apply