Some people are happy to follow their own program in their own time and place, for those who lack the time or the motivation or the energy to train effectively on their own a Personal Trainer can be the answer.  The support, advice and encouragement come with safe exercises technique to help you avoid injuries.

Yes, they are free and can take up to 45 minutes.

Basic Personal details
Medical background – (PAR-Q) Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
Fitness background
Measuring, weighing and blood pressure taken (if desired)
Lifestyle factors (smoking or drinking)
Nutritional Habits (I am not a trained nutritionist so I can put you in touch with my colleague Sophie Leicester from Nutrition in Sheffield.
Personal Goals and objectives in relation to fitness
The PAR-Q and Lifestyle forms can be sent to you via email to complete and bring to your consultation and this saves time during your consultation.

Yes, at Train with Suzy everybody pays for 10 sessions in a block up front. This ensures a commitment on both sides so we make sure we stay consistent with all sessions and achieve goals.

Depending on your recent fitness and exercise programs they may ask for a certificate if they believe that medical conditions and / or past injuries will affect your participation in a training session.  If you are under the care of a doctor for any reason or if you are starting exercise for the first time you will be asked to see your doctor to obtain their clearance first.

A personal training session will last 1 hour.  It will start by a short warm up followed by your own bespoke training program where you will focus on your goals using cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. At the end there will be a cool down and stretch.

Energetic, committed, motivating, enthusiastic, bright, sympathetic, dedicated, understanding, busy, interested, professional, healthy, intelligent, flexible, knowledgeable, approachable, confidential, trustworthy, friendly, ordinary people…

When you are overweight, underweight, unfit, want to get fitter, when you are bored, when you have had a baby, when kids have left home, the jeans don’t fit, when you are too busy to keep fit, when you are going skiing, when Christmas has happened, when summer is about to begin, when your training has gone stale…. when you want to!

This depends on your goal and will be directed by your Personal Trainer.

Monday - 8am until 8.30pm

Tuesday – 8am until 8.30pm

Wednesday – 8am until 8.30pm

Thursday 8am until 8.30pm

Friday – 8am until 12 midday

During the pandemic you should always bring:

A mask to enter and exit
Your own water bottle
Your own towel

  • Ventilation
  • Sanitising stations
  • Sanitised equipment
  • Mask wearing from me at all times
  • Distancing

Yes, I do train couples and friends – maximum of 2 people.