Here are just a few comments from current and previous clients:

Nosheen, 3 sessions per week programme client:

“Before I started training with Suzy exercise seemed like a chore that I never got around to doing. Being overweight was bringing me down and my confidence and self esteem were at an all time low. My Mum came across ‘Train with Suzy’ so I contacted Suzy and started my weight loss journey. It is the best thing I have ever done, over a period of 1 year I have lost over 4 stone and I am so happy I’m continuing to carry on my weight loss journey. I always look forward to my 1-2-1 sessions. Suzy’s personal gym area is amazing and private. I have started to enjoy my workouts and this wouldn’t have been possible if my Mum hadn’t come across Suzy. My body shape has completely changed, I have a lot more confidence and don’t feel embarrassed about my body. I 100% recommend Suzy, she will change your life.”

Helen C, 2 sessions per week fitness programme client:

“I started off doing once a week for 6 weeks then went on to do another 12 week program doing twice a week and Suzy was very accommodating and extremely friendly and made me feel comfortable and welcome.  Her gym area is perfect as its a good size for you to fit everything in and Suzy came up with workouts to suit me and I began to enjoy working out which I had never done before!  Suzy made me look forward to my sessions as the 1-2-1 nature of the workouts made me more determined and made it a lot more enjoyable.  I would definitely 100% recommend Suzy as she has made me feel better about myself and I am a lot fitter than I was before I met her so if you’re looking for a personal trainer that will give you proper results Suzy is the one!.”

Jan, 12 week programme:

“I find Suzy to be a kind and positive person with a lovely sense of humour and a “can do” attitude. My focus was strength and health with the added bonus of toning and weight loss. I feel extremely lucky to have found Suzy and couldn’t imagine training with anyone else. I feel strong and alive !”

Lucie L, Bridal Bootcamp:

“I did the Bridal Bootcamp with my sister-in-law for 6 weeks in the run up to my wedding. Even with two of us, both with different fitness levels and goals, Suzy was able to tailor our fitness plans to suit our own personal needs. She was just the push I needed to look perfect on my big day. Training with Suzy is both fun and rewarding, I would certainly recommend Suzy.”

Julie, Dore:

“Excellent results, interesting and challenging mix of exercises and a home programme that I can do in between sessions. It has positively reinvigorated my exercise regime.”

Joanne, 12 week programme:

“I enjoy running so I was looking for a personal trainer to show me new ways of training to challenge and push me.  Suzy certainly does this – she has introduced me to lots of new techniques.  I was nervous to begin with but Suzy was patient and I can now confidently use weights to strength train!  Suzy has a great style that makes sure you have a fun session and go home proud of yourself and the effort you put in.  The home programmes mean I can train wherever I am and keep my fitness up between sessions.  Suzy is always learning and keeps herself up to date with all the fitness trends which means there are always new ideas in Suzy’s sessions.’

Alison, fitness and fat loss client:

I have lost nearly 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes! I started to train with Suzy about 4 months ago and have seen a steady weight loss and size reduction. I am not a gym bunny and have never worked out properly before but Suzy makes my sessions fun! She is warm, welcoming and very friendly. She works me at my own pace but still makes the sessions challenging – in a good way. If I can do it, anyone can, but I couldn’t have done it without Suzy’s help.”

Cathy, 6 week programme client:

“A huge thank you for all your help and support over these past weeks. Both mentally and physically I feel much more tuned.”

Priya, Fitness client:

“I would definitely recommend Suzy to anyone looking to improve their fitness, self confidence or to give their usual exercise routine more structure. Suzy is reliable and professional, and offers a friendly dynamic and enthusiastic approach to personal training. Each session is tailored to provide exactly what you want to achieve and Suzy adapts this as you progress”.

“Not only has my overall strength and fitness improved, but also my confidence. I have found a new love for exercise – Thanks so much !”

Duncan, Strength and Fitness client:

“I really can’t believe the difference Suzy has made in a few weeks. My blood pressure has come down to a much better level and my overall fitness and strength have improved massively. Before I trained with Suzy I was not a big fan of exercising and I had never used a personal trainer. Suzy’s sessions push me to just the right level and keep me really motivated.”

Nicola, Fitness client:

“Suzy is professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Suzy put me at ease, listened to what I was looking for from a fitness programme and my exercise likes and dislikes. She then came up with a programme just for me! She made our workout sessions fun and interesting and I would absolutely recommend her to my friends.”

Russ, Strength and Conditioning client:

“Even though I play football regularly I felt it was important to work on other parts of my fitness like strengthening with weights. Training with Suzy provided a perfect programme to suit my needs. With Suzy’s professional and friendly approach, great location and facilities Suzy’s a personal trainer I can highly recommend….. (beware of clothes becoming baggier around the waist though!!)”

Jaime, 12-week programme client:

“I would definitely recommend Suzy. She is a reliable and professional trainer. Her friendly manner helps to take my mind off how hard I am working and her great enthusiasm is infectious!”

Christina, 12 week programme client

“Suzy is a very warm, professional, funny, motivating trainer.  She will tailor your programme according to your goals and your needs.  Suzy makes you feel at ease in your training.  She is very complimentary about your practice and progress, which makes you feel good about yourself and what you’re doing.

Amanda,  twice a week client – 12 weeks

I cannot recommend Suzy highly enough! I started her personal training sessions as a very unfit and un-confident person.  Suzy quickly put me at ease and developed fun training sessions which really increased my strength and stamina.  Her sessions were always fun and varied and my body shape improved and so did my weight loss.  The home programmes which she gave me also increased my confidence and enabled me to achieve my targets in fitness, weight loss and strength.  Suzy built on my progress, stretching me, but all in a very enjoyable way.  Suzy always listened to me and accepted my limitation and adapted her sessions accordingly.  My sessions with Suzy have really stood me in good stead for the future and I am continuing to work on the programmes which she devised for me. Thank you Suzy for such a great time!